How to interview for research

How to interview for research

For every research, we need to uncover customer needs and frustrations to determine better features for implement a product. So I have some advice for you below.

What NOT To Do

  • Don’t come into a customer interview feeling you have the answers. If your idea doesn’t adjust at least some based on these conversations, you’re not listening.
  • Don’t expect customers to have the answer. They’ll know their frustrations and needs, but not necessarily how to solve it.
  • Do not sell! This is the time to learn, so do NOT mention your specific ideas for how to solve the problem.
  • Do not include friends and family in your interviews – you will not get as realistic perspective on the problems.


What To Do

  • Focus on the need, not the solution!
  • Beware of confirmation bias — you are NOT there to validate what you think, you are there to uncover a need.
  • Do it in person, one at a time — this will allow you to pick up on cues from gestures and facial expressions.
  • Ask open-ended questions — this makes it a conversation and allows you to get to more depth of the need you may not have thought about before.
  • Get subjects to tell a story.
  • Listen much more than you talk!
  • Follow your nose and drill down (Why? Why?…).
  • Understand their priorities..

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